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Asklepios Klinik Sankt Augustin


Arnold-Janssen-Str. 29
53757 Sankt Augustin


Tel.: +49 2241 249 - 0
Fax: +49 2241 249 - 402



Welcome to the Asklepios Childrens Hospital Sankt Augustin

The Asklepios Children`s Hospital is a clinic for acute cases that provides maximum medical care for children and adolescents and which looks after the health of its patients with the greatest commitment. The clinic caters for the special needs of sick children of all ages, from premature newborns to adolescents. Treatment is based on an integrative approach that focuses on the sick child and involves the parents.

The children benefit from the clinic`s 40 years of experience in the field of paediatric medicine. With over 225 beds, more than 9,000 inpatients and about 40,000 outpatients are treated every year.  

Our specialist departments attach great importance to interdisciplinary therapy. This cooperation among our medical consultants enables us to treat almost all illnesses that affect children and adolescents. The skills of our highly competent members of staff allow us to provide the highest standards in diagnostics and therapy.  

To ensure that our own demands on quality are fulfilled, external experts are engaged to monitor the clinic`s quality management system. Our quality assurance procedures are continually developed by maintaining certification according to the "Cooperation for Transparency and Quality in Health Care" (KTQ) certification program.  

Both patients and parents can rest assured that in the future, individual medical treatment of the highest quality will remain available to them.