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Asklepios Kliniken GmbH
International Patient Service


The Service Package for High Quality Medical Care in Germany, including Patient Transport:


A partnership between Asklepios, one of the leading international hospital chains, and ADAC, the second largest automobile club in the world.

Information Brochure

Our comprehensive brochure provides further information about the medical treatment in Germany.

Medical Treatment in Germany

You will benefit from this one-source solution for medical treatment in Germany by obtaining high quality and minimal risk medical care at affordable prices.

All from a Single Source – Made in Germany

We provide international patients with simple and efficient access to state-of-the-art medical
services in Germany. The service portfolio of Asklepios and ADAC Ambulance Service, two
renowned German companies with long traditions, offers you one-source medical and logistic
services directly from the provider.


Complete Service Package

We start assisting our patients even before they leave their home country. They are taken over by German medical staff and flown to Germany under appropriate medical supervision and in compliance with the latest standards. Considering the individual needs, each patient receives treatment in renowned German hospitals. Afterwards, qualified medical staff ensure the patients’ safe return transport. The service package includes the complete organization and all formalities.


We provide consistently high quality throughout the entire process
Optimal Conditions for Successful Treatment The individually tailored patient transport ensures that our patients can enter Germany in the best possible health condition. This solution minimizes medical risks and significantly increases the chances of recovery while reducing overall treatment costs.


We offer medical care according to the highest German standards at a fair and reasonable price.


Here you will find further information about the international hospital chain Asklepios.


We provide high quality transport services to our patients to ensure their safe transportation.