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Asklepios Kliniken Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

Dr. Jörn Hirschmann
Debusweg 3
61462 Königstein-Falkenstein


Tel.: +49 61 74 90-10 00
Fax: +49 61 74 90-10 10



A Strong Partner for Quality and Efficiency

With a sophisticated privatisation strategy, Asklepios knows how to open up new perspectives for its acquired hospitals. The implementation of innovative medical, functional and business management concepts has a positive effect on the situation of each respective hospital.

An acquired facility can:

  • Eliminate existing investment losses
  • Standardise treatment procedures
  • Increase patient benefits and simultaneously reduce costs
  • Actively participate in shaping regional health policies and healthcare.
  • Dovetail out-patient and in-patient healthcare services
  • Increase its reputation and competitiveness

In being integrated into the group, the acquired hospital has the chance to make its competence effective beyond its own surroundings and to shape the care of patients. Asklepios has proven that, as a company, it regularly steers this privatisation process with above-average success. This is confirmed by its superior market position, its impressive financial strength and the positive reputation associated with the brand Asklepios.

Staff Conditions

When we acquire a hospital, highly-qualified jobs are secured.

Healthcare Services

For us, privatisation means a security of medical supply.