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Central Help – Decentralised Success

Group Divisions

Asklepios supports a decentralised company structure through expert knowledge from the central group divisions in order to react to its patients in an economical and efficient way and in their best interests. These service units combine the information and expertise of the entire company, developing strategies and recommendations for action and then making their results and services available to hospitals.

Architecture & Construction

Only a few are aware of just how much the surrounding environment can influence a person’s mood. Due to this effect hospitals must meet very special requirements.

Education & Care Management

Our care management is based on established specialist knowledge and is linked with our overall corporate structures.


The use of synergy and volume effects through the finalisation of framework agreements throughout the group.

Revenue Management

Medicine controlling: the classical interface between medicine and business management.



Growth and solidity require a sound financing strategy. 


As one of the largest private clinic operators in Europe, Asklepios has the primary goal of also strengthening its international position in the healthcare sector.


In co-operation with strong partners, we are expanding our technological leadership to develop optimal solutions for the benefit of our patients and staff.

Hospital Financing

Support with budget negotiations, DRG benchmarks, and other finance-related activities.


Personnel Development

Strategic personnel development is decisively important for hospitals, which are particularly personnel-intensive service providers.


Precision medicine

Precision medicine is a new approach for disease treatment that takes into account patients individual variability in genetics and biology.


Ensuring high-value medical, nursing, and therapeutic services for our patients is our utmost priority.


Supplementary to high-quality medicine, we also offer our patients catering, cleaning and medical technology services.

Corporate Communication & Marketing

As Europe’s largest private clinic operator we appeal to a vast number of target groups, offering a customised range of information.