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Asklepios Kliniken Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Group Division Hospital Financing

Robert-Koch-Allee 23
82131 Gauting


Tel.:  (0 89) 89 55 606-32
Fax:  (0 89) 89 55 606-90



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Hospital Financing

The Hospital Financing Corporate Division offers comprehensive support to the hospitals in the following areas:

  • Budget negotiations with the social insurance providers: preparation, implementation, and post-processing of budget negotiations, including the development of a negotiation strategy tailor-made for the individual hospital; possible support during legal proceedings
  • Implementation of a central DRG benchmarking system for the acute care hospitals of the Asklepios Group
  • Support in questions relating to accounting
  • Geocoding: providing appraisals regarding market, potential, and competition anaylses
  • Consultation of affiliated hospitals regarding the further development of the service portfolio, set-up of outpatient care structures, networking with licensed doctors and other service providers
  • Support for the hospitals during negotiations regarding optional supplementary benefits with the German Association of Private Health Insurers, as well as the establishing of private hospitals