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Asklepios Kliniken Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Group Division Architecture and Construction

Rübenkamp 226
22307 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 40 18 18-82 66 96
Fax:  +49 40 18 18-82 67 99



Full Service: from the First Draft through to Completion

Architecture & Construction

Few people realise how much their surrounding environment or building can affect how they feel. This is particularly true for hospitals, where it is not only the medical treatment that must contribute to the recovery of a patient, but also the environment, meaning that the design of the hospital itself should also have a positive effect. With this in mind, many factors go into the construction of a hospital.

The task of the group division of architecture and construction is the optimisation of the structural and technical requirements for the operation of the hospital. Thanks to its many years of experience in building hospitals, the construction division of the Asklepios Group boasts proven expertise in the areas of architecture, building services, medical technology and interior design, as well as in structural design and construction. In the aforementioned disciplines, the scope of service of the construction division includes all phases of the Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers (Honorarordnung für Architekten und Ingenieure, (HOAI)) and therefore offers full service for use in hospitals, ranging from the first draft to completion of building construction and renovations.

An interdisciplinary team from the divisions of architecture, civil engineering, house and medical technology, interior design and project management develops the best solution with the quality of its designs and high technical standards. One particular example of how this division works is the creation of clinic CIs for the Asklepios Group. They facilitate the realisation of hotel-style patient care in newly constructed clinics.